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Tennis rules and techniques. 1. Tennis rules and techniques Kieran Fung. 2. Rules 1-3• Rule 1. Opponents stand on opposite sides of the court. The player who delivers the ball to start the point is called the server. The player who stands opposite and cross-court from the server is the receiver.•. Rule 2.

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Tennis Rules COURT AREA: SINGLES Match Is Played Between 2 Players DOUBLES Match Is Played Between 4 Players SERVING Decided by Spinning the Racquet Winner Can Decide to Serve, Receive, or Pick a Side of the Court Server Starts Game Serving From the Right Side of the Court Reviver Starts From the Right Side of Court SERVING Both Will Now Alternate From the Right to Left Until the Game Is ...

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General Rules: The ball may only bounce once before the player hits it. The ball may not bounce before the net after being hit. The player may only hit the ball when it is on their side of the court. The ball may not hit the racquet more than once. The player may not throw his or her racquet on the ground. Cursing and verbal abuse are not allowed.

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No-Man's Land. Area of the tennis court between the baseline and service line. Out. Any tennis ball that goes outside of the designated playing area. Point. Time between the successful serve until the ball goes out. Racquet. Tennis equipment used to hit the ball over the net. Also called a stick. Receiver. The player who is receiving the serve.


PPT TENNIS TECHNIQUES AND SKILL-CHOLID. TENNIS TECHNIQUES AND SKILLS 2014 MOHAMMAD CHOLID-GOSSYPIUM TENNIS CLUB f• Tennis is a game that has it all. It’s a lot of fun, it allows you to build up both your physical and mental skills, it is hugely sociable, and it gives you the chance to enjoy the thrill of competition.

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Table tennis 1. TABLE TENNIS 2. Introduction Brief History of Table Tennis Equipment Fundamental skills and techniques Rules of the game Outline 3. Introduction Table Tennis is a common sport that could be played inside the gymnasium, esp. when it is windy outside.

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International tournaments are conducted every year that are watched and enjoyed by all. Free Tennis Rackets PowerPoint Template with the image of rackets and ball is showing a perfect design for the discussions on sports, tennis, game rules, world records in tennis and production of sports material. …

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Tennis is a big part of my life. First of it serves as a sport for me to play and is a way to exercise. Out of all the sports I have played, tennis is my favorite. At the same time it keeps me in shape and healthy. Tennis is also so is a stress relief. Going to play after a bad day at school is a great thing for me to do.

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Young female tennis player-Sports PowerPoint Templates : action, active, athlete, athletic, attractive, ball, caucasian, competition, court, equipment, exercising ...